The Eternally Elusive Clock


I don’t know what I was thinking.  I do love to write, and I have bunch of foolish/not-so foolish thoughts to share with the world, but did I really account for the time it would take out of my schedule?  Initially, I wanted to (re)start a blog to document my upcoming travels and experiences as a working court reporter (yes, yes, I was looking waaaaay ahead), but then I decided to start now.

Now, when I already have full-time schooling, a frisky and unrelenting toddler to mother, a part-time job, two crazy athletic events to train for, and sleep and more studying somewhere in between.  And now this blog.  WAIT – I forgot to mention the volunteer hours I hope to be logging at the zoo this summer and the continuous European vacation planning extravaganza that is to take place this August.  Perhaps I possess masochistic qualities, but  Hear me squeal and whine about it now but I fully intend to have every single item crossed off my to-do list!

My sincerest apologies for not writing sooner.  It’s review week and I’ve been catching up on some of the exercises I’ve been sort of neglecting.  I’m caught up now, so here I am!  Though I don’t attend class every day (we operate on a self-guided schedule, and I must attend class at least 50% of the time), that doesn’t mean I’m not working.  I have to account for at least 10 hours of online writing practice per week, plus daily dictation exercises and reports, and a very tricky grammar course that stumps even ME at times (if you don’t know me personally, I’m a spelling and grammar PSYCHO, so please proof-read your emails and comments before you send me any =P).

I once had a blog on which I posted almost daily, and in the mere 4 (?) months of its existence it accumulated over 1,500 visits.  I’d say that ain’t too shabby 😉

Please help me get there again this time – heck, let’s exceed that goal!

Thank you for your visit today, and hopefully tomorrow and several times after that!

One day I plan to do a post on cupcake reviews.  I like to call them fat cakes actually, because since I returned from maternity leave, stopped working out and started ingesting these little cups of satan, I gained 7 pounds 😦  For that reason, I am going to be running a 10K race in May and some scary-looking what-the-fk-was-I-thinking Spartan obstacle race in June, after which I expect to melt off the aforementioned poundage.  Then go on vacation.  YAY!

I digress.  Stay tuned, upcoming post is already in the works 🙂

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