One Week


So I lasted one whole week without meat, pork, and dessert. The first few days were rough, as I mentioned in my last post, but after that very sick-feeling period I started feeling consistently “normal.” My headaches disappeared, most importantly!  That was one thing I had been suffering almost daily before this cleanse.  I LOVE my fatty pork and bacon, but surprisingly enough, I haven’t really been craving it.  Just the thought of clogging up my intestines again and feeling all rotten turns me off, so hopefully I can keep up this line of thinking.

Pictured above is my start date: last Saturday morning and today: Friday evening. I believe I see actual results this time!  I’ve also been “regular” and going on a daily basis, as drinking lots of water helped. Though I’m not eating the best food and decided I’d eat seafood regularly and dairy sparingly (today I had some fish sticks and poutine and drank pop) and the scale fluctuates between 3 pounds lost and right back up again (muthaf**ka!), I can only imagine what progress can be made when I combine exercise.

Goal for the coming week: keep on with the elimination of meat and get in at least 3-4 visits to the gym or a combination of gym and at-home workouts.

Ultimate goal: 120 pounds, which I haven’t weighed since my early 20s.  We shall see how it goes!  And if I cave tomorrow and stuff my face with all sorts of delicious and fatty goods, at least I know it can be done and I did it once all by myself.  🙂

(but that’s not going to happen)  😉

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