back to the grind


With the kids off to bed and snoring, I found some time for this post! I know I had aimed to blog daily but… ahh… you know, stuff. SO the topic of today’s blabbery is my constant on-and-off concern: weight loss. Or weight gain. Interchangeable, I think.

SO I am two weeks away from my 7-month pescatarian anniversary. One would think cutting out all that red meat and fat from my diet would be the catalyst for quick  fat meltings-off, but that sadly has not been the case. When I came back from vacation last month (vacation! something to blog about next!), I took one look at my pictures and loathed myself for ordering doubles at dinnertime on the cruise, eating ice cream, dessert and french fries all day, and not putting on my gym shoes ONCE and taking advantage of the outdoor running track. I SO (stupidly) always pack a set of gym clothes, (foolishly) thinking I’ll bother working out at least once during my trip. THIS.NEVER.HAPPENS.

Plus, with my pescatarianism as limiting as it is, I tend to lean towards carb-dense food choices… french fries, potato chips, bread, etc. That is, until I looked at my vacation pics (again). Now, in the month since our return, I’ve cut out sugary foods and fried potatoes (mostly) and try drinking more water. I’ve lost inches in my waist (I don’t depress myself by measuring but I can tell that more of my pants fit now), however the more I work out and the less I eat, the more weight I gain! Now, I have heard all the “muscle is more dense and weighs more” talk, but last time I checked, I didn’t morph into Xena, Warrior Princess overnight. It’s so annoying! I know I should pay more attention to things fitting better, but it’s just so appalling and disheartening when that big ugly number just makes you question everything you are doing.

It’s as if ever since I turned 35, my body became totally unforgiving. Usually by now, with this sort of routine, I’d see that number rapidly dropping. Just last year it was dropping. It never grew this quickly since my two pregnancies. I really don’t know what’s happening, but all I can do is keep my head up high, continue working and pushing myself harder, and focus on keeping up with my two energetic little girls who are starting to run very quickly now.


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