To work, to work I go!


This sexy contraption is called a Shoulders Back support brace which I purchased recently to sit for hours at my steno machine, as I’ve been told that I’m now two inches shorter than I’ve always known myself to be, and I believe I’m shrinking as my posture slumps forward due to mommy neck and trying to learn this alien language called stenography.
What I’d really rather be doing as my children are finally tucked away into bed are: 1) sleeping 2) watching continuous seasons of The Good Wife that I discovered on Netflix just a few days ago 3) reading my ten-pounder of a Stephen King novel (though to be honest, this gets the least precedence) 4) online shopping and  5) Googling people I grew up with in Calgary and other random people from my past just to see what they’re up to now (you do it too, don’t lie).
I always try to tell myself I’ll stay up and work until my husband gets home. Right now, it’s almost 12:30 a.m., so that gives me just about three more hours to go. I wish I could say I’d be continuously practicing, but I predict that one hour from now, I’ll be cross-eyed and snoring wide awake, but lauding myself for getting on the computer and attempting to work anyway.
Enough of the dilly-dallying already, self! To work I go!

I’m already tired.


😦 😦

OKAY, okay… enough wasting time.